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Brand Introduction

HOMESUN is a brand under Dapan Electric Appliance Ind. Co., Ltd., specializing in refrigerators, wine cooler, Cigar Humidor, Safe Box, Display cabinet, etc.


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the HOMESUN is foshan city shunde district big pan electric appliance industrial co., ltd's brand, main: freezer; refrigerator etc.

Basic Information Bar

Name: Homesun

Company: Foshan Shunde Dapan Electric Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd

Trademark registration number: 3594214

International Classification: 11

Application time: 2003-06-16



Brand Introduction

HOMESUN believe that every family should be given a high quality of life. Taking the silent refrigerator as the starting point, coupled with the new design and research and development, the HOMESUN has successively launched the silent semiconductor wine cabinet and the silent semiconductor cigar cabinet, the compressor refrigeration wine cabinet, the compressor refrigeration cigar cabinet, the car refrigerator and other refrigeration series, the products sell well in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Business Scope

Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Main Products

Silent semiconductor red wine cabinet and silent semiconductor cigar cabinet, compressor refrigeration red wine cabinet, compressor refrigeration cigar cabinet, car refrigerator.

development process

The Homesun prototype of the silent refrigerator was created in Europe in 1993

1998 products are exported to countries/regions around the world

2004 Homesun brand in Europe, North America, South Asia market landing operations

In 2008, the successful development of "high color value mute wine cabinet", leading the market

2016 won the International Tourism Industry Expo "the most influential hotel supplies brand

In 2018, we entered the automotive field and developed our own brand car refrigerator series products.

Brand concept

Unremitting pursuit and struggle for a better life.

Brand vision

The light of technology illuminates every corner of the home.

Brand Mission

Committed to providing quality life integration solutions, so that all families can use high-tech home appliances.

Brand slogan

Quiet life chooses Homesun.

Advantage Features

The self-developed heat pipe cooling refrigerator has no mechanical transmission parts, no wear, long service life, and extremely low maintenance rate;

The main push full mute, low energy consumption, green environmental protection;

Internet direct sales online channels to quickly meet the new era of home appliance consumption of convenient consumer demand;

Stable quality to provide users with cost-effective product selection.